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"I’m a great believer in untold stories and I'm a great believer in stories that make a difference." Brian Lavery on GRIMM 2023

1961, Landing Day.
The end of the first Cod War. With the threat of war looming over them, a fat wage packet and only three days to spend it, the men return to The Ship Disco, where life on the home front awaits them.  It will be 7 years between the triple trawler tragedy, 11 years before the second Cod War and 15 years before the fishing industry collapses in on itself all together...

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The Making of GRIMM

The Making of GRIMM

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Gina Ruffin - Producer

Gina Ruffin - Producer

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Jack Chamberlain - Director

Jack Chamberlain - Director

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Emma Gray - Assistant Director

Emma Gray - Assistant Director

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Cast & Creative

Evangeline Henderson Creator
Jack Chamberlain Director
Gina Ruffin Producer
Lois Hall 
Producer (Shows)
Emma Gray Assistant Director
Andy Ross Stage Manager

Sophie Clay Performer
Chris Finn Performer
Adam Perrott Performer
Jake Cooke 
Matt Stathers Performer
Natalie Young Set & Costume Designer
Jess Brigham LX Designer
George Roberts Sound Designer
Matthew May Dramaturg
Sam Wood Artwork
Isaac Johnson Videography & Photography