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Top 5 Best Walls

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

My name is Caitlin and I like walls so much, I have a top 5. Let's jump in...

5. Essalamus Wall - Ouseburn

Coming in at number 5 is the "essalamus" wall at Cut Bank Bridge in Ouseburn. The piece is part of a flash fiction exhibition launched in 2018, by celebrated author David Almond in partnership with Seven Stories.

4. Berlin Wall

In fourth place is the Berlin Wall. The wall divided friends and families in East and West Germany for nearly 30 years before being torn down in 1989 after a wave of revolutions. The wall was home to many iconic murals painted by rebels and pieces remain in tact across the world in museums. I saw this section at the Newseum in Washington DC.

3. Byker Wall

In 3rd, we have the Byker Wall. For those unfamiliar with this iconic Geordie landmark, the Byker Wall is a block of 600+ council flats on the outskirts of Newcastle city centre. Locals find the wall ugly, dark and overpowering but architects see it as innovative and a visionary design for the 1970s. Recently, the wall has even been placed on UNESCO's list of outstanding twentieth century buildings.

2. "Smith's Wall"

My second favourite wall is Smith's Wall. This is a small wall that belongs to my neighbours, the Smiths. This wall has as checkered history as the aforementioned walls having been repeatedly knocked down by strangers. The Smith's live right on the corner where visitors to the street turn around and has been knocked down countless times. A symbol of resilience, it gets knocked down and it gets up again. You're never going to keep it down.

1. Hadrian's Wall

And coming in as my number 1 favourite wall is of course Hadrian's Wall. Celebrating its 1900th birthday this year, the Roman wall that runs coast to coast is an iconic North East landmark as well as a prominent feature in any Northumbrian child's history lessons. As part of the celebrations, the Sun of a Gun & Tyne Theatre Productions put on a fabulous comedy evening: W'all Love The Wall. The fantastic comedy troupe put together a number of wall related sketches including a George Clark's Amazing Spaces episode starring Emperor Hadrian building the wall and an insight into the day to day life of geordie centurions. There were puns galore including a gladiator pun which literally made me wheeze and cry laughing (you had to be there...). Thank you to the Tyne Theatre for a brilliant laugh and questionable history lesson.

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