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'MICK THE BRICK' strikes over and over again at Edinburgh fringe 2023

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The scene that was written three days before Name of the Dame opened at Edinburgh Fringe, the soon-to-be infamous 'Mick the Brick' sketch. We're collating all of our cameos into a Hall of Fame below. If you see any of these criminals, let them know they owe Ace Frankly an office door!

Honorable Mentions:

Stan Hodgson: Newcastle Fringe - 27th July. Aka the Director for Gina's upcoming show 'Raven', who handled Adam's line drop with aplomb.

The Man with untied shoelaces: Newcastle Fringe - 28th July. Yes, Adam managed to select the only audience member with shoelaces completely untied, creating a nerve-wracking five minute long trip hazard for us all, but mainly himself. We hope he learned a lesson that day, and also learned how to tie his shoe laces.

Michael: Edinburgh Fringe Preview 3rd August. This person was aptly also named Mick, we did forget to get a picture of him for the Hall of Fame, however, come back to us Mick!!

THE NAME OF THE DAME continues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival until 20th August 2023 at Just The Tonic Nucleus 5.50pm. The beers at the bar are £4 so make of that what you will.

Image of Ace Frankly pointing a tea cup directly to camera like a gun, Annie Direction looks on shocked behind him.
Pow, pow, get your gags here and remember to wear protection

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