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I currently sit, lounging on the settee as I do most afternoons, drinking nothing but the finest sauvignon blanc one can buy at Tesco and contemplating my new life as a kept woman. My current husband has graciously allowed me to take up my most long-standing hobby as a legitimate career path, and while I absently wait for the alcohol to cure my writer's block, the reality of my situation sinks in.

Have I not, at a mere 26 years old, completed my life's purpose? I have secured a husband who will do perfectly well for now in this current economy. I have acquired a dog as a placeholder for the child I suppose I will be expected to bear in the near future. Granted, said dog only has three legs, but the sentiment remains the same. I did enquire about a dog with a fourth leg, but there were no other canines available that quite matched my energy for daily lamentation.

However, I digress. I wish to move on from such deep thoughts and focus more keenly on the purpose of this blog. We - that is the dog and I - would like to help guide you through the world of consumable media both on and offline. That is to say; I will be writing a weekly review of something one might find entertaining or at least devilishly fascinating. Something you might be able to share with friends or… I think the word is 'colleagues' during those moments of small talk when the weather has done something too predictable for comment.

I have found myself somewhat consumed by the drama surrounding the infamous 'Try Guys' of Buzzfeed fame. I can't say I have ever knowingly watched any of the content produced by these creators in their eight years of existence, but am I enraptured by the ongoing discourse? Absolutely.

"You can find affairs swept under the rug of every room in the house of commons."

It's a sickening reality that marital adultery occurs at all. My own current husband understands that it falls on the list of divorceable offences. And so, as these gentlemen themselves have publicly stressed, it is essential to remember that a family exists at the heart of this story. With that being said, I will note that this review will not be about the incident at all. It will be about the podcast episode, 'The Try Pod: ok, let's talk about it.'

(The Try Guys in their latest video - The Try Guys/YouTube, courtesy of TIME)

Notwithstanding the ungodly increase in attention these, now three, creators are receiving (if you believe in all the nonsense about how all press is good press), it warms my icy heart to see an issue such as this be addressed maturely and with a professional level of accountability. Rare in this day and age where you can find affairs swept under the rug of every room in the house of commons. I take a long drink of my wine without looking at anyone in particular.

The episode of the podcast opens with the three of them addressing various elephants and explaining the timeline of events. It was at this point that I became painfully aware of two absolute facts. Firstly, I actually have no knowledge of anything these men have ever done, what their goals are, or what their niche is beyond the jaw-dropping, low-cut, v-neck shirt worn by Eugene Lee Yang that I am currently scouring the internet to purchase. Secondly, the fact that podcasts themselves have the uncanny ability to send me to sleep.

I awake in the final moments of this hour-long explanation of events to receive an utterly insightful piece of knowledge to enhance your daily serotonin intake. 'I want you to imagine when you see big trees with little leaves that look very cute on your daily walks, imagine that the tree is waving at you."

For that tidbit of knowledge, the dog and I would like to give this podcast episode… 3 Sukis out of a margin I have yet to decide upon.

Until next time.

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