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5 of the best Women-led Fringe Comedies, 2022.

Some people have the luxury of a whole month to peruse the 3000+ shows the Edinburgh Fringe has to offer. If you’re like us, who had to squeeze five shows into one day, then you’re going to want to pick the cream of the crop, the stuff that’ll have you laughing to yourself in the train station toilets hours later. With an impeccably organised spreadsheet and a bit of luck, we got to see five shows that made us want to book another ticket to watch them all again.

Head Girl is a morning show taking place in theSpace on North Bridge. Produced by Caitlin, Rowan and Rosie of Girl Next Door, a North East company, this team manage to transport you from a hotel function room into the Bang on the Door teen-girl bedroom of your fondest memories. Caitlin Fairlamb and Rowan Miller’s characters are infectious, hilarious and endearing. The tech was impressively slick and immersive, even in this black box space, and the time capsule story itself was so well crafted, keeping you you engaged the whole time. Given its location and time, there is really no excuse to miss this one! Click here for final dates.

Every day is a school day with Double Drop, not least because it takes place in Summerhall, but because I had no idea about Eisteddfod, clog dancing or quarry raves before we went in there. Dirty Protest brought their A-game once again with this beautiful story of heritage, family and memory from writer Lisa Jên Brown and music from 9Bach. It felt like an honour watching Mirain Haf Roberts and Emmy Stonelake perform and kudos to them for knocking it out the park in a heatwave. This one very literally made us roll off the lecture seats in laugher, but that didn’t stop us shedding a tear in this story. There’s still plenty of chance to see Double Drop. Click here for tickets.

ComedySportz is a curveball in this list of otherwise traditional Fringe theatre. If you’re a fan of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ Do. Not. Miss. This fantastic company out of Manchester know how to bring the laughs in the otherwise dicy world of improv (maybe because they’ve been around 20 years!). An honourable mention to its host (referee) Kate McCabe who can fill a room with warmth and joy, then cut through that with a well-timed blast of a whistle and a yellow card. Final performances can be seen at The Counting House - all ages, and all budgets (pay what you feel!).

Bye Bye Baby is the kind of play where even when you think they’ve ran out of jokes, they haven’t. Fabien O’Farrell’s tale, told over the end of a night out, sitting in a takeaway, where we learn about three young girls’ at one of the most pinnacle moments of their lives. This one manages to pull the audiences and leave not a dry eye in the room, and it’s easy to see why. Whilst this play’s run has finished, you’ll want to keep an eye on Airborne Theatre and what they have in store for us.

Don’t Make Me Hate You made me love her, that being the tour de force that is Maureen Langan. If ‘accidentally walked on the TED talk stage and said my peace’, was a vibe, then this is it. Langan is the type of comedian who is so effortlessly funny, there’s not often a chance to breathe between laughing. If you don’t catch her roaming Fringe with her protest sign, catch her inside the Laughing Horse in the afternoons.

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